JAX is an independent professional services firm with unmatched experience assisting foreign companies in Japan. Our hand-picked team of qualified professionals (former Big 4 accountants & lawyers) understands the special needs of foreign firms and the challenges they face when doing business in Japan. The result is sophisticated, integrated advice that clients cannot get elsewhere.

OUR STRENGTH lies in our ability to provide such consulting on top of the compliance services we offer. This puts us ahead of most local providers (which are usually limited to one function). The JAX team understands the various services and how they interrelate; and is able to advise on the key issues in terms relevant to foreign investors.

ON THE COMPLIANCE SIDE our services are fully integrated and comprehensive in scope. This ensures that all needs are met, and all assistance is provided in a timely, consistent manner. It also helps rationalize the cost and management of support services in Japan. We centralize the process, and provide one-stop service to foreign companies in japan.

JAX provides TOTAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS to help your organization survive and flourish in the Japanese market.
Our clients range from small spin-offs to Fortune 500 multi-nationals. Most are publicly traded or headed towards IPO. Some are the world's largest in their field.